Skin Prep Makes All the Difference


  1. Schedule your spray tan appointment
  2. After you’ve scheduled your appointment start using lotion twice a day and drinking lots of water. Stop using lotion the day of your spray tan. (This ensures that the skin is hydrated well)
  3. Be sure to schedule your Mani/pedi the day before your spray tan, as acetone in scrubs will remove the tan.
  4. Shave 24 hours before your tan ,48 hrs. if you are waxing. (Do not use a razor with the soap strip and do not shave the day of tan)
  5. Exfoliate using a loofah or glove with an exfoliate body wash.(recommend sjolie)
  6. The day of your tan do not apply any lotions, perfume,make up,moisturizers or deodorants.
  7. Wear dark loose fitting clothing and flip-flops and bring a rubber band or hair clip.


  1. Do not shower, no exercising or sweating, until the spray tan sets 8 to 10 hours.
  2. 1st shower warm water only (no soap)
    To dry pat with towel. Moisturize using a paraben- free lotion, At least twice a day.
  3. I have sjolie, glow bar and Hempz products to help you extend your tan for purchase at the end of your spray tan session.
  4. Avoid pools, hot tub‘s,steam rooms and baths.

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